Protection against moisture in healthcare


Moisture is a major pathway to degradation for many healthcare products.  Controlling hydrolysis and water activity is critical to the microbiological stability of pharmaceuticals, and keeping diagnostic reagents dry is essential to accurately diagnose medical conditions.  

Through our full range of active and protective packaging, including desiccants, barrier bottles and desiccant polymers, Clariant's core competency is controlling the damaging effects of moisture in healthcare products, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices. 

Rigid desiccants and oxygen absorbers designed for high speed automatic insertion

Desiccant and Continu-Strip® options


Humidity regulators (EQ-Pak® and EQ-Pak®)


All relevant functionalities integrated into one container-closure system (desiccant, CR, TE)

Ideal for effervescents, lozenges and tablets 


Flip-top tube packaging with built in desiccant

Desiccant embedded directly into plastic offering limitless, dust-free configurations 

Desiccants integrated into bottle cap  

Desiccants for bulk pharmaceutical packaging


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